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come on get saving!

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The Glitter Saves Project!

Mods: agentl and redpixxie

This is a project on saving money by not buying anything that isn't needed, as well as not buying clothing, but making it and/or swapping with fellow project members.

Please join up and post a little bit about yourself! Talk about why you want to stop spending so much, what you'd rather do with your money, what you intend to stop spending money on, etc. We are friendly, and we want to support each other in our fight to keep those pennies in our pinched grips!!

(Perhaps a little later we will start organizing swaps for clothing, etc. Watch here.)

This is a place to:
- Share tips on saving money
- Share patterns/instructions for clothing and other things which money would otherwise be spent needlessly on
- Share your frustrations, pain, and hardship in not spending your money
- Discuss how not spending money has changed your life
- Buddy up with someone and make stuff for them as they make stuff for you

This is not a place to:
- Fight lots
- Discuss fraternization with goats. (Unless said fraternization lowers the cost of your escort budget...)

We originated from the Glitter boards, and were thought up by agentl.