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hello all, i came here via glitter and this seems like a great… - come on get saving! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 11th, 2004|01:37 pm]
hello all,

i came here via glitter and this seems like a great community! budgeting tips and inspiration (and a swift kick in the rear when necessary...) is exactly what i need.

for me the whole frugality thing has more to do with ecology and politics than saving up for something, but seeing that savings account prosper is certainly a a huge bonus. also, the worry-wart in me appreciates the security immensely.

while i'm quite good at avoiding impulse shopping and scouring flea markets and second hand shops for what i need (but also at going out for drinks with friends. oy, that adds up), i'm lousy at budgeting and control. money gives me that cold, nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach and i've gotten by so far by being generally stingy. and putting a certain amount in my savings account as soon as my salary comes in every month. this month i started writing down everything i spend money on, and i hope to be able to make a realistic budget in a couple of months.